Friday, 17 July 2009

IPPF affiliate in South Korea goes off-message on population

Choi Seon-jeong is the president of the Planned Population Federation of Korea. His organisation is the national affiliate in South Korea of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the world's largest abortion and population control promoter. One is therefore stunned to read what Choi Seon-jeong wrote recently:
"Religious groups need to advocate respect for life, abortion prevention and positive values on marriage and parenthood, encouraging the younger generation to form families and have children."
His advocacy of pro-natalism - the promotion of an increase in births - is in response to South Korea’s plunging fertility rate, which threatens socio-economic stagnation. Do read his article in full, as well as a subsequent interview by, an online ethics journal.

One would like to hope that this marks the beginning of a split within IPPF, with those more open to honest facts starting to speak out against IPPF's anti-natalist ideology. Stunning conversions of prominent anti-lifers have occurred - Dr Bernard Nathanson and Norma McCorvey a.k.a. Roe of Roe v Wade being the two most prominent.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

SPUC launches new email service of news headlines & summaries

Recipients of SPUC's news summary have, until now, received several times a week an email with stories, each one summarised in a brief paragraph. We are now trialling a change in this service, the first edition of which can be seen here. It consists of:
  • a daily email of headlines, web-links plus brief related information which you can receive normally every weekday morning no later than 9am UK time
  • a weekly email of the past week's most important stories, with each story summarised in a brief paragraph.
We will thus provide recipients with a wider number of headlines plus an improved news summary once a week.

If you are already a subscriber, you don't need to do anything to receive the new service. If, however, you are a subscriber and prefer not to receive the daily headline service but only the weekly email of summarised top stories, please visit the web-link at the bottom of the latest (or a recent) email from SPUC and change your preferences, unticking "News" and making sure that "Weekly news update" list is ticked. (You can also take the opportunity to sign up to other SPUC email services.) If you are not yet subscribed, please click here

Please note that this change is being trialled. Do feel free to email us with your feedback.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

UK government names anti-life Tony Blair as candidate for EU president

Baroness (Glenys) Kinnock, the anti-life minister for Europe, has announced that the British government is backing Tony Blair to be president of the European Union (EU), a role which would be created if the Lisbon treaty is passed.

Pro-life/pro-family supporters must make it clear to their political representatives that Mr Blair's nomination is totally unacceptable. People in the UK can contact their MP via Click here for my previous blogs on Tony & Cherie Blair and their anti-life/anti-family record. In particular, click here for a masterly analysis of the Obama-Blair anti-life/anti-family agenda to undermine both law and religion respectively.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pro-life arguments for an Irish NO vote on the Lisbon treaty

Richard Greene of Coir, a group campaigning against the EU's Lisbon treaty, argues in today's Irish Times why Irish pro-lifers should vote against the treaty. Here are a few points of Mr Greene's key points:
  • "This Lisbon Treaty will remain unchanged by any assurances obtained by the Government on any issue."
  • "Neither are these “guarantees” legally binding on the European Union ... In fact, they are merely political promises".
  • "[T]he Charter of Rights attached to the treaty [will] become legally binding on all EU member states if Lisbon is passed."
  • "That charter ... will be the basis of a legal challenge to Ireland’s abortion laws which will surely be brought before the European Court of Justice. This court would have enormously enhanced powers to decide on social and moral issues, such as abortion, under the Lisbon Treaty."
  • "Any protocol on the right to life (or on family law) can come into conflict with the charter – and the European Court of Justice can use the charter to overrule the conflicting protocol and impose abortion on the Irish people."
  • "[T]he matter will still be in the hands of the European Court of Justice, not the Irish people, if the Lisbon Treaty is passed."
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Monday, 13 July 2009

Renewed urgent call to stop infanticide in Brazil

The vote to stop the practice of infanticide among indigenous tribes of Brazil, about which I wrote last Wednesday, is expected this week, according to American pro-life leaders.

Supporters of Muwaji’s Law suggest simply sending the following message in Portuguese to the 15 members of the Congressional Human Rights Commission listed below.

The English translation, with grateful thanks to one of the visitors to my blog, is: "It is the duty of every government body to protect and celebrate each native culture, in the way that it develops. However, if certain traditional cultures are damaging to life - a basic right of each human being, regardless of race - then that native culture must give way to the right to life. The Muwaji Law does not menace the preservation of native cultures; it simply promotes education amongst tribes concerning options for an indigenous family which do not include infanticide. This was a cause initiated and supported by hundreds of indigenous families in the whole of Brazil. Because of this we respectfully ask for your support for this legislation which in the long term will be of great benefit to the Brazilian nation."

Supporters hope for a vote this week before the Congress goes on a 15 day break.

You can read more about infanticide in Brazil at the Hakani website.

Prezado Sr(a). Deputado(a),
É dever de todo corpo governamental proteger e celebrar cada cultura nativa, a medida que esta se desenvolve. Contudo, se certas tradições culturais são nocivas à vida -- um direito básico de cada ser humano, independente de raça -- então a cultura nativa deve ceder ao direito à vida. A Lei Muwaji não ameaça a preservação de culturas nativas; simplesmente promove a educação nas tribos sobre opções para a família indígena que não seja o infanticídio. Esta foi uma causa iniciada e apoiada por centenas de famílias indígenas de todo o Brasil. Por isso respeitosamente pedimos o seu apoio a esta legislação que ao longo prazo será de grande benefício à nação Brasileira.

1. Domingos Francisco Dutra Filho, PT/MA
2. Janete Rocha Pieta, PT/SP
3. Lucenira Pimentel, PR/AP
4. Luiz Couto, PT/PB
5. Pastor Pedro Ribeiro, PMDB/CE
6. Pedro Wilson, PT/GO
7. Ricardo Quirino, PR/DF
8. Suely, PR/RJ
9. Veloso, PMDB/BA
10. Edmar Moreira, DEM/MG
11. Geraldo Thadeu, PPS/MG
12. Pompeo de Mattos, PDT/RS
13. Miguel Martini, PHS/MG
14. Cleber Verde, PRB/MA
15. Chico Alencar, PSOL/RJ

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Anniversary of Commons vote for Abortion Act

Today is the forty-second anniversary of the passage by the House of Commons of David Steel’s Medical Termination of Pregnancy, which became the Abortion Act 1967. The first day of parliamentary time provided by the Labour government led to an all-night sitting when pro-life MPs fought to defeat the bill, or at least to curtail some of its more extreme provisions. This time proved to be insufficient, and so the Labour Cabinet met again on Thursday 6 July 1967 to discuss whether further Parliamentary time should be provided.

According to the note of the cabinet discussion, there seemed to be a concern, that for the government to allow yet further time for this bill would be taken by the public as implying a degree of government support for it. However, after a full discussion, the cabinet
“agreed that further Parliamentary time should be provided by the Government for the Termination of Pregnancy Bill, on the basis that this time was allowed solely in order to enable Parliament to reach a conclusion on a Bill which had attracted considerable Parliamentary support.”
As a result, on Thursday 13 July, John Silkin, the government chief whip (and son of Lord Silkin, who would subsequently sponsor the bill during its passage through the House of Lords) moved that the Medical Termination of Pregnancy bill may be proceeded with (though opposed) until any hour i.e. another open-ended debate. This motion was agreed to by 303 votes to 202.

Once again, pro-life MPs fought against all the odds to prevent the passage of this bill. Norman St John-Stevas had circulated a letter asking pro-life MPs to filibuster. Sadly, the sponsors – using a whole host of untruths and exaggerations – persuaded the House of Commons to support the bill. However, it still took an all-night sitting for the bill to complete its Report stage. At 11.45 am on Friday 14 July, MPs voted by 167 votes to 83 to give the bill a Third Reading.

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Report on Rally for Life, Dublin, 4 July

Pat Buckley -European Life Network has an interesting and amusing report on the Rally for Life held in Dublin on 4 July.

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Baroness Campbell, resisting the campaign for assisted suicide

The Daily Mail and The Telegraph have featured Baroness (Jane) Campbell, the disabled peer who played a major role in defeating Lord Falconer's attempt to undermine the ban on assisted suicide last week. In the Daily Mail, she writes:
"Not a single organisation representing disabled people, terminally ill patients or those who are old supports euthanasia-legislation. They understand its likely consequences ... I hope too that my experience of disability and terminal illness helps others to see beyond the wheelchair to the person sitting in it. And to understand that fear of disability or illness should never be allowed to undermine our respect for human life."
And in her interview in The Telegraph, she says:
"[Y]es, it's true that within a year or so I will likely be on a ventilator full time. Probably won't be able to swallow either. But, believe me, I absolutely love my life. You take the hand you were dealt. And believe me, if you said to me that I could be born tomorrow without my condition I would say no thanks. Because I am me because of my condition, not despite it.''
Do read the two feature articles in full, and use them when writing to parliamentarians and the media to oppose assisted suicide.

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